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Stay informed with the low-down on digital marketing,whatever’s hot and happening is right here. Keeping ahead of the very latest in digital tools and trends is an essential element of your business success. It’s true, knowledge is power - and at Drum Digital we believe in sharing it.

In 2022, let’s amplify your message to the tune of better business.

Top 5 digital trends to watch in 2021.

The exceptional success of your digital presence is the one and only thing that drives us, and we make it our business to stay ahead of the trends that affect your business, so you don’t have to.


  1. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Don’t believe the hype about people leaving Facebook, there are 3 billion users and that number is still rising every month.

  2. LinkedIn is a bright rising star. Users and engagements are rising rapidly every month, and many new smart features make bringing in new business a breeze.

  3. Faster websites matter even more. With Google’s release of its ‘Core Web Vitals’, it’s even more important that your website is fully optimized for speed and mobile use.

  4. Digital is all about the algorithms. Every corner of digital – yes, even emails – are becoming algorithm-driven. So, you must relentlessly fine-tune your presence, or fail.

  5. Experiences: the new social currency. Now the best way to earn word of mouth is to offer an exceptional experience, at every single stage of interaction with your brand. 

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