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Feels Botanical - Hand blended Australian Eau De Vie Spirits

Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

To get from concept to market with pitch-perfect precision for a stylish niche brand, do it with Drum Digital.

The challenges our client faced

Feels Botanical, an Australian start-up producer and distributor of Eau De Vie spirits, had an awesome vision and secured the funding to make it happen. But what they didn’t have was the digital expertise to bring their concept to life, with a website which had the style and the strength to support successful execution of this adventurous go-to market strategy. So, they called Drum Digital.

What Drum Digital did

E-commerce website:

The key to the successful launch of the Feels Botanical vision and mission was a website with big enough shoulders to engage buyers and enable flawless transactions. So that’s where we started, digesting every morsel of information and insight to form the foundation of a highly attractive online presence with a robust ecommerce solution which exceeded every expectation.

Hubspot automation:

HubSpot is a world-leading customer platform with software, integrations and resources to connect marketing, sales, content management and customer service. As a champion HubSpot partner, Drum Digital used the platform to map out a series of automated ecommerce sequences for Feels Botanical which drastically reduced manual burden on processes, helping nurture new customers and encourage repeat purchases with incredible efficiency.

The results Drum Digital delivered

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