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KIKOFF - A successful Sydney-based soccer school with a big game plan.

Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

How to take the fun in sport to a lucrative franchise with diligent digital tactics & a dedicated marketing maestro on your team.

The challenges our client faced

Kik Off first approached Drum Digital in 2017, and it was the beginning of a long and trusted partnership which has blossomed for six years and counting. They first came to us looking to increase their brand awareness and sales by growing their database and repeat bookings, and our highly successful relationship went onto to include helping them grow other key service areas like coaching, social functions and franchising.

What Drum Digital did

Brand identity:

Through a series of workshops we examined the brand personality and outlined a new family of hierarchy and structure, identifying key values and framing differentiation for the parent brand and all sub-brands with individual vision and mission statements.

Digital strategy:

We developed their digital strategy in line with business objectives, a strategy that was strong enough to score goal after goal and successfully navigate tricky periods of time like Covid lockdowns.

Buyer personas:

In a further series of workshops, we worked with the Kik Off team to define five key customer personas, which became the foundation for highly successful future data segmentation and marketing strategies. By evolving these personas to cater to different industries, we paved the way for an effectively targeted marketing strategy that’s still scoring goals today.

Content strategy:

We created a content strategy of regular compelling posts showcasing key articles that link back to the website, which drove traffic and engagement sky high. Intelligent keyword research informed the creation of blogs which proved very appealing to each persona.

Lead generation:

We designed and built key acquisition landing pages to increase conversion rates and successfully support paid advertising activity.

Paid social and search:

We’ve delivered invaluable support over the years to the growth of the Kik Off brand with impactful Google, Facebook and Instagram paid advertising.

The results Drum Digital delivered

  • 121% increase in organic search referrals in just 12 months.
  • 92% increase in email marketing referrals in just 12 months.
  • Franchise expansion, back-end expertise, insightful marketing and business support.
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