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Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

If you have a fantastic proposition to make life easier for Australian businesses & you’re looking for fast growth, get into paid social advertising with a digital expert by your side.

The challenges our client faced

The team at MailPlus had been working with design and strategy agency Lock Stock to rejuvenate their branding and design identity, after which they wanted to grow the business quickly by leveraging high quality LinkedIn and Meta / Facebook leads for their sales team. Lock Stock turned to Drum Digital to lead the MailPlus brand into a highly successful paid social advertising campaign that delivered above and beyond.

What Drum Digital did

Targeted social ads:

We mapped out a detailed social advertising strategy which retargeted leads who had interacted with the brand previously and also targeted a brand- new audience prospecting for high-quality leads.

Bespoke lead funnel:

With the campaign concepts approved we created a social marketing funnel for incoming leads, which launched initial awareness messaging crafted around the demographics, interests and lookalikes of ideal customer personas – followed up by more punchy MailPlus messaging that culminated in a compelling, incredibly successful call to action to complete a landing page form.

Continual optimisation:

We continually tested the paid advertising creative and continually fine- tuned targeting to ensure we were always delivering a truly optimised high quality lead generation solution.

The results Drum Digital delivered

  • Reached 145,000 people on Meta within five weeks.
  • Delivered 732 high quality leads at $6.79 per lead.
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Jo Sharma

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