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Memphasys - A ground-breaking med-tech innovation ready for market.

Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

By choosing Drum Digital’s Growth Amplifier online marketing strategy, this med tech pioneer saw a jump of more than 40% in high quality referral traffic in just 6 months.

The challenges our client faced

With a ground-breaking sperm separation device, which helps families experiencing infertility issues,fully tested and ready to market, this rapidly growing med-tech start-up was looking for investor funding. They wanted to build awareness of their brand in all the right places as they went to global markets with the new device, while establishing a highly credible digital presence as a point of reference for investors and customers.

What Drum Digital did

Growth Amplifier:

By implementing our Growth Amplifier online marketing strategy, a program of engaging, informative content - including regular social posts, articles and profiles of keynote speeches and industry conference activity – Memphasys achieved precision targeting to attract investors and assist commercialisation of the device in early adopter markets.

Digital strategy:

With a strong brand identity established, we devised an end-to-end digital strategy that identified and prioritised Memphasys business objectives and key target audience groups. This fed into a detailed channel and content plan, strategically tailored to effectively support their growth objectives with specific audience groups.

Buyer personas:

Drum Digital worked with the team to define key customer personas that resonated with the Memphasys brand, driving the prioritisation for content and messaging, and enhancing effective targeting of key messages.

Journey maps:

We meticulously mapped out detailed customer journey scenarios of potential investors and peers in the industry, recognising the hugely different content appetites between those two audiences. These journey maps proved instrumental in identifying pain points, opportunities and areas where we could enhance the Memphasys value experience with relevant and useful content, providing valuable insights on the role played by each channel in successfully growing awareness of the brand and the new device.

Content calendar:

The strategy and journey work guided us with sound knowledge of who we needed to talk to and how, and gave us the intel to drive the creation of a program of truly engaging, informative content. This carefully curated content activity achieved precision targeting to attract investors and assist commercialisation of the new device in early adopter markets.

The results Drum Digital delivered

  • In just 6 months, high quality online referral traffic increased by more than 40%.
  • Organic search traffic increased by more than 60%.
  • A definitive buzz around the brand and new device which delivered crucial support.
  • Supported a sales process which subsequently secured global commercial agreements.

Jo and her team at Drum Digital have been instrumental in growing Memphasys' online presence. With their crafted, research-based content strategy, they've provided us with a structured approach to regularly delivering engaging articles. Their efforts have bolstered our social media presence, elevating our brand's awareness, reputation, and investment potential. Their commitment to understanding our industry and tailoring strategies accordingly has been commendable. Thanks to Jo and her team, we're seeing tangible results, and we're excited about the continued growth and success of our brand."
Dr David Ali, Managing Director and CEO (Acting), Memphasys
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