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Powerbox - Industrial Components & Power Supplies

Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

The key to building an engaging brand identity, which targets & attracts the right audience, is diligent end-to-end digital strategy.

The challenges our client faced

When Powerbox first approached Drum Digital at the start of a wonderful 5 year relationship, their online presence was dominated by strong search engine optimisation (SEO), accounting for 83% of their total traffic. However, conversion of this traffic to leads or customers was poor, and they faced further challenges of an unclear corporate identity and a harmful lack of engagement in their content marketing activity. Our brief was to help Powerbox overcome these hurdles by delivering digital solutions which increased leads by 50% to support their target business growth.

What Drum Digital did

Brand discovery:

Drum Digital conducted an initial series of workshops to define the Powerbox mission, vision and values, from which we crafted a definitive corporate brand identity, complemented by a comprehensive style guide, to ensure a consistent, stylish brand presence across all platforms.

Digital strategy:

With a strong brand identity established, we devised an end-to-end digital strategy that highlighted Powerbox's key business strengths and opportunities on offer to potential customers, including an extensive channel and content plan, strategically tailored to effectively support their growth objectives.

Buyer personas:

In a further series of workshops, Drum Digital worked with the team to define key customer personas that resonated with the Powerbox brand, which became the foundation for future data segmentation and marketing strategies. By evolving these personas to cater to different industries, we paved the way for an effectively targeted eMarketing strategy.

Lead generation:

To kick off a cohesive lead generation strategy, Drum Digital created two stylish, engaging eBooks, directly targeted at two crucial audiences: engineers in rail and telecommunications. These fantastic lead hooks were successfully promoted through articles, blogs and paid social activity to begin the build of an essential contact database.

Journey maps:

We meticulously mapped out detailed customer journey scenarios, the visual representations of which illustrated the crucial touchpoints and interactions customers had with the Powerbox brand throughout their entire experience. These journey maps proved instrumental in identifying pain points, opportunities and areas where we could enhance the customer experience, providing valuable insights on the role played by each channel in successfully acquiring new business.

The results Drum Digital delivered

  • The target of a 50% boost to high quality monthly product enquiries was successfully achieved, driving substantial business growth for Powerbox.
  • Powerbox's strong, stylish brand image was successfully rolled out across all digital and print communications, establishing a unified brand identity that resonated with target audiences.
  • Drum Digital's collaboration with Powerbox showcased the transformative strength of a well-executed digital strategy, leaving our client with a deep understanding of their customers and finely tuned lead generation tactics.
  • A robust digital footprint has enabled Powerbox to attract crowds of new clients and position itself perfectly for continued growth and success in the competitive power supplies industry.
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