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Solar Energy Australia (SEA) - Solar Tech Supplies & Industrial Components

Client case study by:
Jo Sharma
Published on:
February 21, 2024

When you’re launching new branding & state-of-the-art products, you need the very best digital marketing in your tool box.

The challenges our client faced

Solar Energy Australia (SEA) is an innovative, successful Australian family-owned and operated manufacturer and technical distributor of high-quality solar power conversion and energy storage products, with strong brand recognition, a great reputation, and one of the few Australian companies with more than 25 years of expertise in the sector.

The challenge came when SEA needed to create a new corporate brand identity and digital presence to support the launch of a leading-edge product range, because they didn’t have the right in-house expertise on their team. They had very little in terms of digital footprint and no clear sight of how to achieve key objectives of increasing awareness and engagement, while building a strong digital ecosystem that could support new product launches, fast business growth, and high-quality leads to provide an uplift in sales to resellers.

After a thorough search for the most aligned digital marketing agency to help overcome hurdles and achieve their objectives, all of us at Drum Digital were delighted SEA chose us to lead the way.

What Drum Digital did

Brand identity:

Drum Digital rejuvenated the SEA logo and evolved the corporate identity, rolling out a new style guide to lead the team in correct use of the branding, colour palette, typography, iconography, photography and corporate stationary. We also led creation of letterhead, business cards, brochures, lightboxes, conference collateral, email signatures and a PowerPoint template to enable easy and consistent execution of the brand identity into the future.

Website redesign:

Drum Digital redesigned and rebuilt the SEA website to elevate online presence and optimise lead generation, with a focus on functionality that helped expand their network of resellers. Using the WordPress website build platform to ensure the SEA team could rely on robust features, a user-friendly interface, and an extensive plugin ecosystem which aligned exactly with what they needed from their website backend.

The website redesign created an engaging, good looking, simple to use platform that showcased their key product lines to perfection, effectively highlighting latest innovations and technological advancements.

Most importantly, the modern and intuitive user interface enhanced the overall experience for visitors and enabled super easy navigation to target messaging on SEA products.

Best practice CRM:

A crucial aspect of the website project was to integrate HubSpot CRM and Marketing Suite seamlessly into the WordPress backend, enabling optimised data synchronisation which gave SEA's marketing and sales teams real time access to valuable customer insights. By leveraging the power of HubSpot's marketing automation tools, we were able to streamline processes and make it really easy for teams to capture leads, nurture prospects and deliver personalised content to their networks.

Reseller Acquisition:

There was a strong focus on reseller acquisition in the website rejuvenation, so we strategically placed prominent and enticing calls-to-action throughout the website, designed compelling landing pages to attract reseller segments, and engineered an easy application process. Through HubSpot's lead tracking and analytics capabilities, SEA gains valuable insights into the effectiveness of these campaigns, which enables continuous improvement and optimisation.

Testing & Learning:

At the foundation of Drum Digital’s website strategy for SEA was constant close collaboration, with regular feedback sessions, testing checkpoints and reiterations to ensure the design and functionality were fine tuned to be perfectly on point with their branding and business objectives.

The results Drum Digital delivered

  • A visually stunning and highly functional website that not only showcases SEA products in a truly engaging concept, but also acts as a powerful lead generation tool.
  • The integration of HubSpot's CRM and Marketing Suite empowers SEA teams to engage with their audience, build lasting customer relationships and expand their network of resellers in line with business growth targets.
  • This highly successful collaboration achieved the primary objective of creating a new corporate brand identity and digital presence which effectively supported the launch of a new product range.
  • Every challenge given to Drum Digital in SEA’s brief was successfully solved, upscaling their digital footprint and making the business incredibly competitive in the solar energy online landscape.
  • The implementation of a cohesive corporate brand identity and the user-friendly, visually appealing website played a pivotal role in increasing brand awareness and engagement.
  • The optimised lead generation and reseller acquisition strategies, powered by HubSpot's CRM and Marketing Suite, led to a substantial boost in incoming leads and sales conversions.
  • The new powerful online platform positions SEA as a leading player in the renewable energy and off-grid power sector, equipped to cater to the evolving needs of their target audience and propel them towards sustained growth and success in the industry.
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