10 tips for Marketing your business on Facebook

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10 tips for Marketing your business on Facebook

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Are your Facebook campaigns getting the cut-through you expect? You may have done your research, you know your target audience, and you're creating great content, but still just not getting results.

With these tips, we will help you navigate Facebook and start seeing the results you expect from your campaigns. 

  1. Use a recognisable profile picture – it may be best to stick with your company logo. The key is to remain recognisable, so you can be easily found and liked. Be sure to complete you company’s “About” section, this will be the first place a potential customer will look to find out more about you.

  2. Coordinate your cover photo, pinned post, and profile CTA to promote your marketing campaigns. Try matching the creative across these three visible parts of your page.

  3. Never create a dummy account – this is a violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

  4. Post regularly, but not too often. Avoid posting more than a few times a day. We recommend two great posts per week, such as your blogs or videos etc.

  5. Target your organic posts, you can segment your unpaid, organic posts by age, gender, education etc.

  6. Do your analytics, by understanding your Facebook page performance, you can identify which post are driving the highest engagement and converting into leads on your website.

  7. Share images and video; visual content in Facebook campaigns can generate 65% more engagement.

  8. Work out what time of day attracts the best engagement for your audience.

  9. Monitor your social channels – people usually expect a fast response time through social channels. Make time to monitor your channels so you can respond to anything that comes up quickly.

  10. Boost your organic posts. By adding some paid budget to promote your content, you can reach an audience beyond your existing network and Facebook has lots of audience segmentation options.

If all these elements are in place and you are still not getting the ROI you expect from your Facebook posts, it may be worth doing some more research around your buyer personas and the content that they would be most interested in at each stage of their buyer journey. 

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