7 ways to attract more customers online

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7 ways to attract more customers online

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, one thing is certainly the same, almost every customer that we deal with in 2017, will undertake some online research before they make a final purchasing decision. In the B2B marketplace this is only more amplified by a more structured and formailised purchasing process.

So how can you ensure your business stands out from the crowd in a busy online market place. 

Our top tips for success:

1. Understand your customers -  Who is your target audience? what need do  you fulfill for them? and what language will they be using to search for you online?

 2.  Harness the power of SEO. After you have selected the key words and phrases you want to rank for, make sure your website is optimised and you are producing remarkable content your customers will love. 

 3. Blogging - for busy people this can seem like an unnecessary pass time, but targeted content that adds value to your audience can improve your seo, bringing in more new customers through organic search results, and can give your existing customers ways to promote you in their networks. 

 4. Build a content marketing strategy that leads your customers through each stage of the buyer journey giving them a reason to love you and deliver high quality sales leads for your business. 

 5.  Participate in Social Media - Make sure you are engaging in the conversation, publishing useful articles and  sharing great content with your customers. 

 6. Use Data and insights to assesses at every step of the way, what are the most effective: channels, content offers and campaigns for your business, so you can adapt and improve at every stage. 

 7. Build Partnerships - taking advantage of businesses that offer complimentary services. If your business offers digital content strategy & SEO, you can team up with a business that builds websites to create synergy. 

 Whether it is nurturing relationships through the above steps directly with your customers, or with complimentary business owners, this will only help you fast track the growth of your business. 

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