Best Lead Generation Strategies

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Best Lead Generation Strategies

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

In 2017, 63% of marketers surveyed said that their top challenges were generating traffic and finding leads. If this sounds like your business, the following lead generation strategies will help you move the needle with your marketing this year.

Here are some of the best lead generation strategies for 2018:

Using LinkedIn
While Facebook is one of the most powerful social media channels for generating leads, LinkedIn is invaluable- particularly for B2B companies. This is because it allows you to target specific audiences of people who may be interested in your services or products. Once you’ve ‘warmed up’ your audience, you can use InMail and LinkedIn groups to reach out in a natural and not in a ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’ way.

One of the biggest things to remember with this lead generation strategy? Just like other methods for lead generation, it’s key that you offer plenty of value to your target audience before aiming to convert them to leads.

Creating Webinars
Webinars are potentially the most underutilised and one of the most powerful lead generation techniques.

They give you an excellent opportunity to grab your target audience’s undivided attention and ensure that that audience is more invested in your ideas and message than they would be if they simply watched a video or read a blog post.

If you’re convincing your audience to give up a chunk of their time to listen to you, you’ll need to respect their time and offer plenty of value. That means focusing 90% of your webinar on answering questions and solving problems and just 10% on your products or pitch.

Focusing on Mobile
More people are using their mobile for web browsing and social media than ever before. In fact, potential leads are more likely to find your business while using their smartphone or tablet than while using a desktop computer.

If you master one lead generation strategy in 2018, make it mobile lead generation. This may sound simple, but mobile lead generation is very different from desktop lead generation.

The first step to do this effectively? Keep it simple. From the layout and design of your mobile site to your CTAs, you need to simplify things as much as possible. Keep your site easy to navigate, make sure your CTAs get to the point, and don’t forget to ensure you have a mobile responsive theme or design.

Kickstarting Content Marketing
If your business hasn’t yet nailed down a solid content marketing strategy, you’re missing out on potential website visitors, leads, and customers.

Customers and clients in both the B2C and B2B industries rely on content to make purchasing decisions. And while you may be late to content marketing, it’s important to remember that just because your competitors have created content doesn't mean that they’ve created outstanding content. You can easily kick it up a notch to ensure you stand out.

Make sure your content is SEO optimised and created specifically for your target audience. You should be speaking their language when it comes to their interests, concerns, and the problems that keep them up at night. Use video, blog posts, web content, whitepapers, and make sure everything is fast and mobile-friendly.

These are just a few of the best lead generation strategies for 2018. To learn everything you need to know about using your website to generate leads, download our free ebook today or get in touch to learn how we can help.

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