Easy new business for law firms: A small bit of SEO

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Easy new business for law firms: A small bit of SEO

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Put simply, good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means having lots of genuinely useful, original content which talks about the areas of law you can help with - presented on a website that works smoothly and provides an excellent user experience, end to end. The goal is organic (i.e. free) Google ranking.

64% of marketers actively invest time in SEO (HubSpot, 2020), and in a separate study 70% said that SEO is better than pay-per-click advertising for generating sales (Databox, 2019)

Wherever you look there’s evidence that smart law firms are bringing in new business with ‘free’ organic SEO – and SEO success is all about what, or who, you know.

Of course, there are tricks of the trade and clever SEO techniques that can help boost your organic performance, plus you can engage a talented specialist boutique agency like Drum Digital to make sure your ranking rocks. But before you do any of that, take care of the basics below.

#1: Build out your practice category page

The lowest hanging fruit when it comes to powerful SEO measures you could put in place tomorrow, is the expansion of the content you offer around your legal services. Having a whole page of content dedicated to each service, with a deep dive into the benefits you promise to deliver through your way of doing things is a dynamic new business magnet.

# 2: Blogging (a.k.a. posting compelling informative content)

The term ‘blogging’ itself may have a casual stigma to it, but the practice of posting fresh, informative, educational, keyword-rich content about the services you provide and the area of law in which you operate is an incredibly powerful, highly effective SEO tool for legal firms looking to generate new business leads through boosted traffic to their website.{{cta('0cfb7977-0710-4af7-aeb3-035ecd888906','justifycenter')}}#3: Get on the books with Google BusinessYou may think you’ve got your law firm’s accessibility covered with some well-placed advertising in industry publications and commercial B2B directories, but the fact is the best list by far is the one at the top of a Google user search. And to be in contention to appear there with a respectable SEO ranking, the key is to claim your Google Business listing.

#4: Claim your place in legal & consumer directories

The very latest figures show that a massive proportion of the Australian B2B market still use directories like the White Pages and a whole host of niche or local directories when looking for legal advice and law firms. And the directories themselves still spend many millions on boosting their own SEO ranking, so you should tag along for the ride.

#5: Do the right thing & get genuine Google reviews

Google reviews are a pivotal part of any successful B2B SEO strategy, especially for law firms where past results, personal connections, detailed feedback and perceived value for money are crucial elements of a new client’s decision-making process. And because Google’s so good at getting rid of fake reviews, the reader knows the feedback is all bona fide.

These are proven strategies to enhance your new lead generation through digital channels, founded on actions that you can literally start implementing tomorrow, for no cost except a bit of time.

To keep reading and learn more from a deeper dive into what your law firm should be doing to optimise new business opportunities online, please download the full White Paper: ‘Drumming Up New Clients For Law Firms’

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