Establishing brand recognition in the software development industry

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Establishing brand recognition in the software development industry

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Developing a name brand pays off in numerous ways. You can build client loyalty, attract new clients more easily (and cost-effectively), and recruit top talent to work with your business.

Brand recognition isn’t just reserved for the Apple’s and Google’s of the world. It’s possible to establish brand recognition in the software development industry by using a few helpful strategies:

Tell the best stories
All interactions with partners, media, and clients can be used as opportunities to positively impact your business. And people remember stories, not lists of features about your products and services.

Telling a great story is powerful. It helps people remember your name, makes them pay attention, and ensures that people feel like they’ve been part of your journey the whole time. This means they’re more likely to form a deeper attachment to your business and brand.

Consider how you got your software development company off the ground. What type of problems are you trying to solve and why? Communicate this clearly to your leads so they can feel like they know your business and your brand story.

Share content
Clients are more likely to work with you if they think you know what you’re doing. But more than this, people are also more likely to work with you if they think they’ve already received value from you without paying any money.

Producing content that addresses your clients' needs, while showing your expertise is a great way to create this value for them. That's why you shouldn’t only be creating self-serving content advertising your products and services. Sharing real knowledge about software solutions will help you attract new and repeat visitors to your website, increasing your brand recognition.

Interact and engage
No one likes being talked at, especially when that voice sounds like a robot. So don’t do this when you’re interacting with your clients. Any time you’re engaging with potential customers, whether you’re doing this one-on-one or through social media or newsletters, use a personal, authentic voice.

Engage your social media followers with polls, questions, news stories, or referrals programs.

Whenever possible, aim to put a smile on your client’s faces. Sure, B2B companies must retain their professionalism, but business doesn’t always need to be serious. When appropriate, you can showcase your brand's personality through social media, not-found pages, and more.

Be consistent
The saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies here. That’s why you need to ensure consistency while establishing brand recognition.

Use the same logo and tagline across your newsletter, blog, homepage, and every other form of communication. Blog regularly so your client’s and leads can expect to read new, unique content. Send an email on the same day each week so you stay top-of-mind. And post regularly on your chosen social media channels.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can establish brand recognition in the software development industry, we can help! Get in touch today to learn more.

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