Five valuable insights for law firms on social media

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Five valuable insights for law firms on social media

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
March 14, 2024

Each success in campaign response or audience engagement brings with it a new lesson in how best to utilise our digital knowledge when talking specifically to the legal services market. Here we’ve shared our ‘top 5’ observations on social media for law firms.

#1 - Familiarise yourself with the rules

As a lawyer, you will have particular responsibilities in relation to the content you share and the claims you make on social media. Once you’re in tune with the compliance and ethical practice that applies to you, you’re ready to start positioning yourself as a thought-leading specialist in your field.

#2 - Don’t just jump in. Strategise.

The great thing about being a lawyer on social media is that you already have lots of very useful things to share, and it’s tempting to post content without a plan. But before you do a thing, work out what you actually want to achieve – awareness, traffic, phone calls - and craft your content around your objectives.

#3 - Take time to look around.

Taking the time to look around and work out what the competition is up to on their socials is smart. Their tone of voice, the hooks they use to engage and get clicks, their image choices, and so on. Get involved, comment and share. And don’t be afraid to adopt good ideas and make them your own.

#4 - The best social accounts start small.

Many law firms make the mistake of trying too many social channels at the start, which does the brand more harm than good. Because if you haven’t got enough resource to maintain those accounts, you’ll make compliance errors and annoy your visitors. Slow and steady wins the race on social media.

#5 - Schedule content & measure results.

Whatever your content plan is - posting your own thought-pieces, sharing industry news, profiling client success stories – think carefully about the people you are trying to attract and plan content designed to engage them. Then measure that engagement, learn from what works and adapt your output.

With these five insights top of mind, you’ll ensure your law firm says all the right things, to the right people, on the right social media channels. And when you start doing that, you’ll see just how big a door to welcome new clients that social media can be.

Yes, even for ‘serious’ businesses like yours.

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Drumming up New Clients for Law Firms
Jo Sharma

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