For better new business leads, law firms need better content

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For better new business leads, law firms need better content

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Imagine a marketing landscape where you can share your expertise in your chosen areas of law, profiling success stories and showcasing how you do things to deliver results, all in an engaging article that’s enjoyable to read, in front of a highly targeted audience who need your services.

That’s precisely the golden opportunity you have by implementing a program of quality published content. Blogs, articles, posts… whatever you call them, well-written, well-presented stories with genuinely useful information are hard to beat in building a favourable perception of your brand

52% more organic (i.e. free) traffic is generated by B2B companies which publish educational content as opposed to those which publish content focussed on their own organisation and services (Backlinko, 2021)

Law firms have a fantastic opportunity to set themselves apart and cultivate a reputation as leaders in their field by sharing knowledge, real life legal success and insights, which teach and make a tangible difference to the lives of their audience.

Crucial ‘must-haves’ for quality law firm content

We like to share the secrets we’ve learned looking after content for legal firms over the years.

Re-purpose good content

If it’s good content, there’s no rule that says you can only use it once.

Be you

Don’t be so serious that your tone of voice is devoid of personality. 

Keyword care

Any content should contain all relevant keywords, in context. 

Intelligent images

Images are an opportunity to optimise messaging and boost search ranking.

Be all ears

The best place to start when planning content, is listening to your audience.

Walk, don’t run

Turning thoughts into good content takes time, start slowly in your content schedule.

Be Google-good

These days the only way to get good rankings is to write good content. 

All about the intro

By far the most important bit of your messaging, is the beginning.

Conclusions = Engagement

The best way to engage your reader, is to make crystal clear conclusions.

These are proven strategies to enhance your new lead generation through digital channels, founded on actions that you can literally start implementing tomorrow, for no cost except a bit of time.

To keep reading and learn more from a deeper dive into what your law firm should be doing to optimise new business opportunities online, please download the full White Paper: ‘Drumming Up New Clients For Law Firms’.

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