How can I attract more customers to my business

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How can I attract more customers to my business

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

This is the question on a lot of business owners and CEO's lips when they are looking at how they grow their business. The number one thing that needs to be addressed is:

How to maintain and grow your existing customer base, whilst at the same time attracting new customers to your business?

The second question is then...

What is the most effective channel use? and what will deliver the best ROI for my business? 

We have traditionally invested heavily in expensive sales teams to go out and promote our products and services to customers by phone and face to face. The landscape is certainly shifting.  The day of the 'cold call' is effectively dead, with this resulting in very poor engagement. Our customers are becoming more sophisticated and as a result we need to adapt our business models if we are going to compete. 

 If you are serious about growing your business it is more important than ever that you start considering how you integrate your sales and marketing functions to get the greatest cut through. 


Top Tips for delivering an effective Digital Marketing Strategy that will help your sales team grow your business. 


  • An understanding of your customers buyer personas their challenges and goals and how you as a business can solve them. 
  • Ensuring your digital presence will be found online through SEO and meaningful content that will talk to your buyers on the channels they prefer. 
  • A content strategy that will take your customers through each stage of the buyer journey, awareness, consideration and decision. 
  • The analytics that sits behind this to ensure you are maximising ROI at every step of the way. 
  • Finally a digital marketing function that will deliver high quality, qualified leads into the hands of your sales force to ensure they are maximising productivity.

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