How can I grow my business through Social media?

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How can I grow my business through Social media?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

As a Business Owner or Marketeer, there is no getting away from it, if you are serious about growing your business, you need to tap into the power of social media.

Firstly, just think about how your customers make any buying decision in their life; from sourcing a new stationary product through to booking their next luxury holiday.  It all starts with research online. Whether it is searching key words in google or looking in reputable chat forums for like minded authorities, if your customers can't find you online you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your business. 

 So how do you get started when there is so much mystery around how you can harness the power of social media. 

 Here are our 6 top tips to growing your business through social media

 1. Identify your goals and objectives - like with any good strategy you need to start out by setting out what you are looking to achieve and make it measurable. It could be around business revenue growth, increased traffic to your website, or increased qualified leads and conversion.

 2. Understand your customers and their needs - this is a hugely important step in any good social media strategy, you need to understand your customers, where they are online, and what their challenges and goals are, so you can give them what they need.

 3. Create an integrated social media calendar - this ensures that you are covering all the channels that you need to reach, and you are providing regular content on the correct platforms - consistency is key. 

 4. Give your audience content they will love - now you understand your customers make sure the content you are producing is remarkable and addresses their need to help fulfill their goals and challenges. 

 5. Optimise your social media presence - this means using keywords, so when people are searching for you they will find you. With any social media strategy you want to ensure your google ranking is high for the keywords your customers are using to search. 

 6. Once you have attracted customers to your site, give them a reason to love you. This can be in the form of providing them with valuable content for free, getting involved in the conversation online and nurturing them through every step of the process, delighting your customer is key. 

 For a step-by-step guide to growing your business through social media, please download our free inbound marketing guide here

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