How Can My Website and SEO Attract More Leads?

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How Can My Website and SEO Attract More Leads?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

If you’re hoping to attract more leads to your website, you need the power of SEO behind you. Search engine optimisation should be a key part of any online marketing strategy, as it helps you attract more traffic to your website (which you can then convert into leads).

Here are some top ways you can use SEO to increase your web traffic and attract more leads:

Using Keywords
When you implement SEO strategies, you’re aiming to increase your website’s ranking for particular keywords in the search results. Since most people click the first few results from any Google search, this makes it more likely that they’ll visit your website.

When SEO first became popular, many business owners engaged in “keyword stuffing”, and plastered keywords all over their websites. These days, search engines will penalise your site for this type of behavior. That means that you’ll need to be a little more careful when you choose your keywords (and when you use them) but you’ll also get better, more targeted traffic.

By using specific, long-tail, and location-based keywords, you’ll be attracting leads that you’ve already pre-qualified based on your keyword selection.

Writing Content
Not only does great content position you as someone who knows what they’re talking about in their industry, but it’s an excellent opportunity to use some of those keywords you’ve chosen.

Search engines like Google will crawl your website, determining whether or not it should recommend your website to the people searching for your topics. Aim to provide visitors with comprehensive information, and regularly update your website pages.

When you’re writing high-quality, informative blog posts, you can naturally include your chosen keywords within your content. Sprinkle these in with care, and use variations of these words as well.

Implementing Local SEO
If you have a local business, you have an excellent opportunity to use local SEO techniques. Make sure that the content throughout your website has been optimised with local keyword data. Whenever you can (without looking spammy), tell your visitors exactly where your business is located (use alternative keywords as well).

Another great way to make your business stand out? Get as many positive reviews as possible. Be sure to ask customers and clients for reviews, which help build trust.

Make it Quick
Your website speed is a massive factor when it comes to your search ranking. Google likes to point searchers towards sites that have been optimised correctly and will load quickly.

Not to mention, attention spans are getting even shorter online. If potential visitors have to wait for your site to load, they’ll simply click back to the search results and choose a competitor’s website. This also increases your bounce rate- something which Google also takes into account.

Make sure you’re using a reliable web host, and your files are being cached. All of your images should be optimised, and of course, your website should be mobile responsive. You can check your website speed with Pingdom which will also give you a few ways you can improve your performance and speed. 

By using the above SEO strategies, you’ll improve your search rankings and attract website visitors. Once these people have clicked on your website, you’ll have an

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