How smart law firms win new business with websites

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How smart law firms win new business with websites

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
January 16, 2024

For years most law firms have treated their website a bit like a brochure, where people can just check out the services offered and grab the phone number. But the smart law firms are following more progressive B2B services and turning their website into a lean, mean, new business machine.

It’s true that your legal qualifications, accreditations, expertise, and career achievements are incredibly compelling aspects of your marketing message that stand alone – these are core details about your service offering that will drive the decision making of your potential clients.

But the truth is, no matter how impressive your credentials are, when it comes to finding new business in the digital landscape it’s imperative that those details are presented in a stylish, contemporary, user-friendly website that looks and feels at the leading-edge.

86% of marketers increased brand awareness by using one or more digital marketing channels. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020).

Most digital marketing leads potential new clients to your law firm’s website, so it needs to be polished in every corner.

These days, potential legal clients like to see law firms with formidable websites

A cold hard fact about new business development online in the modern legal space is that, if your website does not deliver a pitch-perfect experience, it directly affects the first impression of your firm in a bad way. No matter how qualified you are, or how much relevant success you’ve had. The good news is that turning your law firm’s website into an experience that your potential clients engage with and feel good about doesn’t have to include an expensive redevelopment of your entire online presence – there are plenty of basic, low cost things you can do today which will make immediate improvements to your new business pipeline tomorrow.

  1. Invest in professional photographs of your lawyers
  2. Use friendly, trendy fonts to show you’re in touch
  3. Include downloadable CVs for professional transparency
  4. Use soft, light, neutral tones to convey a focussed calm
  5. Talk about your legal specialities at the top of the page
  6. Build in online contact forms to boost your legal enquiries
  7. Use striking images with obvious or abstract connections to law
  8. Ensure easy navigation with a well thought out page menu
  9. Use clickable phone numbers and email to encourage contact
  10. Shout your mission, values and vision loud and proud
  11. Offer live chat - legal clients often need fast responses
  12. Use strong calls to action, great reasons to get in touch

These are proven strategies to enhance your new lead generation through digital channels, founded on actions that you can literally start implementing tomorrow, for no cost except a bit of time.

To keep reading and learn more from a deeper dive into what your law firm should be doing to optimise new business opportunities online, please download the full White Paper: ‘Drumming Up New Clients For Law Firms’.


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