Instagram for B2B - 10 Things to Consider

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Instagram for B2B - 10 Things to Consider

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Think Instagram is just for travel bloggers, influencers and B2C businesses? Think again. More than 80% of Instagram accounts are following at least one business, and the social media channel has more than 800 million monthly active users.

If you’re ready to use Instagram to grow your business, here are 10 things to consider when you’re getting started:

  1.  Use a Business Profile
    There are many benefits of creating an Instagram business profile. When you create a business profile instead of just a normal profile, your followers can click the ‘contact’ button on your Instagram page to easily get in touch. Instagram also provides businesses with analytics tools so you can see information about the reach and impressions for each post.

  2.  Define Your Goals
    Just like with any other marketing strategy, it’s key to know what your goals are when you’re getting started with Instagram. Then, you can set KPIs so you can measure those goals. Remember, Instagram isn’t about hard selling. Instead, it’s a good way to keep leads up to date with the industry and what’s going on with your company.

  3.  Set up Your Page
    Before you begin following other accounts and letting people know about your new Instagram account, you should plan your first nine posts ahead of time. This will be your grid and will ensure you have a cohesive page that will show you’re serious and appeal to potential followers. Shuffle your posts until your grid tells a story and is visually impactful.  
  4.  Be Authentic and Unique
    If you remember one piece of advice, remember this: Staged promotional pictures and stock photos are not welcome on Instagram. Instead, offer authentic content that gives your prospects a sneak peek into your products, team, and company culture. Show your business’s ‘why’- the reason you started your business. Make people care about your brand and message. And keep your brand voice in mind across all online content.

  5.  Know Your Hashtags
    Before you begin posting, make sure you’ve done enough research. Look for similar businesses and get focused and specific with the hashtags you plan to use. Don’t be afraid to use a bunch of hashtags (you won’t be pinged by Instagram- that’s what they’re there for). Hashtags are also useful for promotions and campaigns, and you can create your own brand-specific hashtags as well. 
  6.  Showcase Your Employees
    Not only is Instagram great for B2B selling, but it can be an awesome recruitment tool too. Use it to showcase your company culture and post images of your employees doing interesting, fun things in and out of the workplace. Show what makes your business different- even business decision-makers like to see that the people they’re doing business with have a great company culture.
  7.  Be Engaging
    Instagram is definitely about engaging with your followers. Follow other accounts and brands, and make sure you always reply to comments, even if you only respond with a few words.
  8.  Attract Quality Followers
    It’s not about how many followers you have- it’s all about how likely those followers are to become customers. This can be difficult to remember when you’re on Instagram, but building an Instagram following is only helpful if those followers are legitimate and will engage with your account. 
  9. Optimise for SEO
    Instagram allows users to search- similarly to Google. That means that it’s crucial that you optimise your content and profile so you can be found when people search for something related to your industry.Use your target keywords in your username, bio, hashtags, and descriptions.
  10. Use Data and Information
    For B2B businesses, hard data and tangible numbers are more likely to get you noticed by the people who matter. Leverage stats and use cases, link to whitepapers and provide evidence of your product’s value in the industry. Customer testimonials, quotes, and visual imagery are also excellent ways to increase engagement. 

    Finding Instagram overwhelming? We can help. Get in touch today to learn about how Drum Digital can get you started with your Instagram marketing. 
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