The Top Five Benefits of an Optimised Website

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The Top Five Benefits of an Optimised Website

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

When it comes to your website, it doesn’t matter how good it is if it doesn’t get seen. Standing out from the crowd online is a challenge, but with the correct search marketing strategy, you can organically come up as a top search result on Google. With more eyes on your website in the first place, it becomes a lot easier to create conversions.

  1. It’s cheaper than other marketing strategies
    In the long run, SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools to increase the attention your website gets. Pay-per-click advertising gets more expensive the more successful it is, which can make you a victim of your own success. Optimising your website, on the other hand, can scale as your business grows without any additional costs. If you’re a savvy writer, it can also be completely free for you to improve your website on your own by writing more optimised copy. 

  2. It propels your website to the top of Google’s search results
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. That means the backend of a website and its content are designed with Google’s search engine systems in mind.  SEO helps Google to easily identify your website as reliable, relevant, and trustworthy for its users to click on. An optimised website is like catnip for the search engines which crawl your website 24/7 and makes them far more likely to promote your content to users. 

  3. It increases website traffic
    Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one really bothers to scroll down through Google search results to find the ‘perfect’ website for our needs. Most of the time we click on the first, second, or third option because it’s convenient and right in front of us. Unfortunately for businesses, if your website isn’t high up on the list of results (no matter how good your product or service is) very few eyes are going to see it. SEO helps your website to rank highly in Google’s search results and makes it far more likely for customers to click on your website.

  4. It builds trust
    Marketing strategies like pay-per-click can have their benefits, but customers are increasingly eagle-eyed about noticing the pesky ‘ad’ title next to some of Google’s top search results. For many users, that ‘ad’ title is a dealbreaker and immediately makes them distrust that link and the information that it provides. SEO is a great tool for creating content that is genuinely useful to your audience and as a result, makes them trust your website.

  5. It creates a better customer experience
    Despite the seemingly infinite wisdom of the internet, it can sometimes feel like finding clear answers to specific questions is impossible. Good SEO allows you to answer your customers’ common questions and it also helps them to find your answer easily. When customers can organically find the answers to their questions through your website they have a more positive experience and associate your website as being a helpful resource. 

If you want to find out more about how optimising your website can help your business and generate more leads, read our complete guide here.

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