Top Lead Generation Tips for LinkedIn

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Top Lead Generation Tips for LinkedIn

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

LinkedIn is more than a platform for finding work and connecting professionally. It can also be an excellent tool for lead generation.

Here are just a few tips to help you generate leads with LinkedIn:

Create a Company Page
If your company doesn’t yet have a page on LinkedIn, now’s the time to create one. But it’s not enough to simply copy the content from your About page and call it a day.

It’s important that you optimise your company page so you can get as many conversions as possible. Add an attractive banner image, and hyperlink it to your website. Make sure your company description makes it crystal clear exactly what your business does within the first two sentences. For people who haven’t yet interacted with your company, this will be their first impression. You want them to feel welcomed and curious to learn more.

Be Active
One of the reasons LinkedIn can be a great tool for marketing? It gives you a cost-effective, easy way to reach your audience. But you’ll need to be consistent with your posts and know just what to post to best engage that audience.

Sharing industry resources and educational information can help demonstrate your knowledge and credibility. Posting relevant news articles, content from thought leaders, and industry tips will keep your business top-of-mind and show that you’re active in the industry.

If you’re already blogging on your own company blog, share those posts on LinkedIn. After a week or so, Google will have indexed the content so you can copy and paste it into a new post on LinkedIn as well.

Utilise Your Employees
Employees can be awesome brand advocates and can share your content with their followers. Why not ask them to share some of the updates related to your company so you can generate leads and traffic?

People tend to trust information from their social connections more than a traditional marketing campaign. Techniques like using employees and other influencers to get in front of potential leads can result in up to 25% more leads.

Get Involved
Join some LinkedIn groups in your industry to see what people are talking about. This allows you to participate in conversations which can help you increase exposure to your brand, improve your reputation, and gain new followers. Just keep the conversation on-topic and avoid engaging with trolls online.

Another good way to generate leads is to get active with LinkedIn answers. This is one of the most under-utilised and useful tools available. Since you’re a thought leader in your industry, you can give plenty of helpful information and answer those difficult questions. If you have content like blog posts or whitepapers that delve deep into a topic, you can link to it within your answer (just make sure it has a CTA).

Generating leads can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, we’re experts. Get in touch to learn how we can help you generate more leads so you can scale your business this year.

Jo Sharma

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