What is inbound marketing and how can I use it to grow my business?

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What is inbound marketing and how can I use it to grow my business?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

So why is Inbound Marketing different and why are so many business owners turning to this channel to help grow their business?

Before we get into the principles of inbound marketing it is worth starting with why it is different to more traditional forms of Marketing?

The big difference is that old school marketing is all about "us" the Marketeer, we decide what we want to send and when we want to send it.  Rather than engaging our audience we typically chose to disrupt them through cold calling, spam emails and interruptive ads. 

Inbound marketing really looks to turn this on it's head and put the customer at the heart of what we are doing. Inbound is about creating Marketing that people will love and is a hugely powerful tool to attract new customers to your brand and delight them with your service offering. 

Sounds simple so how do you get started with inbound?

Step 1: Create your buyer Personas - who are your customers and potential customers what are their goals and challenges? 

Step 2: Create your buyers journey through each phase of the cycle, Awarness - Consideration - Decision

Step 3: Analyse the success of each campaign at every step of the way

Step 4: Create Great content that meets the challenges & needs of your buyer personas

Step 5: Leverage your content

The companies that are getting this right are growing exponentially and our outpacing the industry as this is the framework to give your customers what they want, drive more sales and save you time. 

Jo Sharma

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