What Type of Marketing Content Should I Create?

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What Type of Marketing Content Should I Create?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
June 11, 2024

Almost every digital marketing strategy begins with content, but what type of content should you create? Choosing the type of content depends on the situation and the needs of your business. 

Today we’ll break down the main types of online marketing content that you’ll encounter and when to use each one and if you stick it out to the end we’ll also reveal the secret to making content that customers want to read!


Blogs are the bread and butter of content for many websites. They’re relatively simple to make, they’re great for answering commonly asked questions, they act as the voice of your brand, they’re an effective way to optimise your site for Google, and can help your business to generate new leads.

The key to creating a great blog is to make sure that it’s easy to read, relevant, and highly shareable. And don’t be afraid to get creative, blogs can take many forms including listicles, Q&A’s, or step-by-step guides to keep things fresh.


Videos are becoming an increasingly popular content marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses. Making videos on your own is easier and cheaper than ever; phone cameras are high quality, editing is simpler (especially with the help of sites like Canva), and there’s a smorgasbord of platforms to post on (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook). 

The strength of videos is their ability to grab an audience’s attention, show off the personality of your brand, and “show not tell” a potential customer about the benefits of your product. 


Guides are an opportunity to flex your muscles and show that you’re an expert within your industry. Making a helpful guide can make your brand a prominent voice within its niche and encourage other websites to reference your content (which is great for SEO!).

To get an idea about what a guide can look like, check out our guide for creating new clients for law firms here.

Case Studies

Why should you create case studies? Because they prove that your product or service leads to tangible results. A major question mark for any new customer is “will this help me?”. Providing a document that provides evidence and examples of your work being effective can put many customers’ minds at ease before they make a big purchase.

Beyond that, case studies can also become a valuable resource to other people within your field. Helping your competitors might seem a tad counterintuitive at first, but it can be an incredibly effective tool for building credibility. 

What Should My Content Be About?

As promised, it’s time to reveal the secret to making content that makes customers excited to click on your website… The focus of all good content should be your customer!

What does your customer care about? What do they want to know? What interests them? Researching commonly searched keywords, looking at popular content from your competitors, and understanding your audience’s needs will all make your content better. The purpose of online content marketing is to act as a useful resource and peak people’s interest to find out more. Helping customers with your content can help to build trust with your brand, and then ensuring that the content is also enjoyable to read will make customers stay longer on your website.  

If you need help creating content for your business, get in touch with Drum Digital today!

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