What's the Best Facebook Creative to Use for B2B Ads?

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What's the Best Facebook Creative to Use for B2B Ads?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

When you’re running Facebook campaigns for your B2B ads, the creative you choose will determine how many people stop mid-scroll and engage with or click on your ad.

Here are a few things to consider when it’s time to upload the creative for your ads:

Often, companies will choose stock photos for their B2B ads. And while there’s nothing wrong with stock photos, you’ll want to choose carefully. Avoid anything that screams ‘stock photo’ and looks overly cheesy and staged- this is likely to have the opposite effect than you’re intending. 

Ideally, try to use photos that are related to your business or even take the opportunity to take some photos of your team in action. Look for photos that stand out and make sure you always split test- you’ll usually be surprised by which images actually resonate with your audience. 

Don’t forget the 20% rule- only 20% of your image is allowed to have copy on it, otherwise, Facebook won’t show your ad to as many people as it could.

Video ads continue to be one of the best ways for businesses to grab the attention of potential leads on Facebook. 

You have just a few seconds to grab attention, so whatever you do, don’t attempt to build suspense and work your way around to your offer. Instead, get to the point straight away, and remember to use subtitles- most people watch Facebook videos with the sound off. 

Your headline has two jobs. First, you want to make it clear to your target audience that your product or service is relevant for them. Unfortunately, thanks to poorly targeted ads, many people are shown ads that are not even close to their needs or interests. If your target audience can’t immediately see that your ad is relevant, they’re going to keep on scrolling. 

You also need to capture their attention with a compelling offer or message that will stop them in their tracks. Once again, split testing is key here. As soon as you’ve found a message that works well, continue to tweak it until it’s the best it can be.

Keep your copy short and snappy, and above all, get straight to the point. If you have an incredible offer or freebie, make sure you make this apparent within the first few words. This may seem obvious, but if you’re not revealing this information until the end of your sentence or paragraph, you’re leaving leads on the table. 

You may want to ask a question regarding their pain point which will make it super obvious that your ad is relevant and you have a product or service that could help them. Or, you could try a negative call to action (just avoid being too clickbaity with B2B audiences)

Once you’ve chosen your image, split test your copy with at least three variations. As soon as you have a clear winner, continue to change and test. 

Landing Page
It’s easy to become so focused on creating the perfect ad that you forget about where that ad leads to- your landing page. As soon as someone has clicked your ad, they’re curious enough to want more information, so your landing page needs to provide it at a glance.

Stick to short, scannable paragraphs and make sure you’re using an easy-to-read font and your message is relevant to the ad they’ve clicked. Consider what your leads are expecting to see once they click on your ad based on your question or call-to-action.

Your landing page should be mobile-friendly and it shouldn’t have any navigation fields away from the page. We all know how short attention spans are online, so it’s a good idea to do everything you can to keep visitors focused entirely on your offer. 

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