Why forward-thinking law firms appear on social media

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Why forward-thinking law firms appear on social media

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

If you’ve been a lawyer for more than a few years, then you probably held the view at some point that social media platforms were not a suitable, serious enough forum to advertise and promote your legal services. You might have a LinkedIn profile and may even post a bit, but that’s it.

Well, it’s time for that attitude to change. As the smarter, more progressive law firms have already realised, the social media audience is so massive these days that, with the right strategy and tools tailored to each specific platform, you simply cannot fail to find new clients.

96% of B2B and B2C marketers use Facebook, and 67% of marketers worldwide say they’ll increase Instagram use in the future (Statista, 2021)

Of course, the professional LinkedIn platform should be part of your law firm’s social media strategy – it’s used by 95% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute, 2020) – but for maximised social media success, you must use the other platforms too.

Getting serious on social media gets you new clients. It’s that simple.

Don’t worry if you’re a legal professional feeling dubious about extending your firm’s social media presence beyond your LinkedIn profile. That hesitation is understandable, and you are not alone in thinking that the other social media platforms are more for B2C and less serious businesses.

But that’s just not true these days and, if you don’t start talking to people on other social channels, you are missing out on big slices of new business. These other platforms aren’t a few kids having fun – they are established, sophisticated, truly massive communities, waiting to hear from you.

Say hello to the ‘big 6’ social media platforms for law firms.

Facebook - It’s silly not to

There are so many people on Facebook, and so many clever ways to find them, this platform should be in any smart law firm’s marketing mix.

LinkedIn - Still the go-to

LinkedIn is and has been for many years by far the most preferred platform for the legal community. Give your profile the love it deserves.

Instagram - Think outside the pic

Instagram is not just about food pics and influencers, it’s a massive platform which enables you to humanise your law firm’s brand.

Twitter - For thinkers & sharers

With a 280 character limit, Twitter suits thought-leaders with short wise words to say, or lawyers who like to be an info resource for their clients.

YouTube logo - Video in the know

If you’re introducing yourself in a well-produced clip, or you’re simply sharing great content with clients, YouTube helps you add value to your brand.

TikTok - Tick this box

The massive number of TikTok users now means that law firms and legal services can get in on the act to generate quality leads.

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