How to drive customers to your website from Facebook

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How to drive customers to your website from Facebook

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 3, 2024

Developing your social media community can take time. Do you know whether your efforts are really paying off? You may be doing all the right things, in terms of posting to Facebook regularly, writing and sourcing good content, but not seeing any return on this effort. You are not alone.

To see your efforts turned into real cash for your business, you need to connect the dots within your sales funnel. Step one is to develop a Facebook audience, step two must focus on driving that audience back to your business website.

Lead generation using content

Your Facebook posts are the digital breadcrumbs that draw your audience down a trail toward a much more substantial piece of content they can download after filling out a form. 

Focus first on creating useful content such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Presentations
  • Templates
  • E-books 

Your Facebook posts shouldlink to blog posts or directly to a landing pages which will contain a more substantial content offer and a form to obtain your customers contact details.

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Valuable content

To attract customers, you can't only post sales-driven content. Instead generate leads in two ways:

1. Directly: Generate leads by sharing content that links directly back to a landing page with a contact form on your website.

2. Indirectly: Generate leads eventually after sharing friendly, easy-to-consume content not housed behind a form.

The key to generating leads on Facebook is to post a variety of content that aligns with goals other than generating leads or driving sales. 

Aiming for “fluffier” goals like reach, awareness, buzz, customer satisfaction, and engagement (comments, likes, shares) are just as important as rigid lead gen or sales goals. They’re the stepping stones to what you really want: more business.

Photos work wonders for your click through rate and post engagement, so it’s worth it to spend the extra time sourcing or creating images for your posts.

Maximise with advertising

If you’re trying to drive traffic, leads, and customers, you probably want to advertise posts that contain a link back to your website, but you can also create different types of ads depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


Publish posts that aren’t aimed to sell, or you won’t have your audience’s attention when you really are trying to sell.

Be timely and share content that will be valuable to your target audience to encourage them to click and leave Facebook for your website. 

If you would like to know about attracting customers with Facebook, download our complimentary guide. This download includes:

  • a step-by-step guide to building your Facebook audience,
  • tips about what content to share and,
  • best practices for acquiring more leads from Facebook.
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