When Should I Post My Facebook Ad?

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When Should I Post My Facebook Ad?

Written by
Jo Sharma
Published on
April 17, 2024

If you’ve clicked on this blog you’re probably at the stage where you’ve learned a bit about how Facebook ads work, you’ve created some content, you’ve probably even posted a few ads, but they’re not getting as much traction as you would have liked. 

If you’re not at that stage yet but want to learn how to get started with Facebook ads for your business, check out our comprehensive guide on how to create the perfect Facebook marketing campaign.

Anyway, back to your initial concern, why aren’t your ads working? The reason might be that you’re posting at the wrong time.

The Best Time To Post Is…

Your first instinct of when the best time to post might be after work hours and on the weekends. People have more time on their hands for scrolling on social media at that time right? Your instinct is wrong. 

We’ve all been guilty of checking out Facebook when we’re supposed to be working, and this is no different for your potential customers. The busiest time for Facebook is generally between 9 am and 3 pm during the work week. 

Many online sources will all give you a different day of the week that is overall the best to post on. Instead of confusing you further with another conflicting time, we suggest that the most accurate way to find out the best time to post for your business is to use your own data. Facebook Insights allows you to analyse previous ads to find out when your customers are online and when has been the most effective time to post in the past. 

How Do I Use Facebook Insights? 

On your business’ Facebook page look at the top of the page and click “Insights”. From there you’ll reach the Insights dashboard and on the left-hand side, you should see the “Posts” tab.

This tab will show you when your customers are the most active and allow you to analyse previous posts to gauge which times have been the most successful in the past. Pay attention to whether the posts have been Boosted or Sponsored because that will skew your results and provide misleading data. 

If your data is inconclusive, take the opportunity to experiment a little and test different times to find what works best. The results may surprise you! 

How Do I Stand Out?

Facebook has become a hyper-saturated ad space and with the algorithm also prioritising friends and family posts over ads, it can feel like engaging your key audience is next to impossible – even if you do find the perfect time to post!

Standing out is a challenge but there are some things that can help. A successful Facebook ad needs to be built on a solid foundation. A solid foundation begins with carefully researching your audience, targeting them effectively, creating content that they want to engage with, and ensuring that the website they land on is high-quality. 

If managing your own Facebook ads sounds like a hassle, let us handle it. We can guarantee that your ads are as effective as possible. Have a chat with Drum Digital today!

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